Walnut perch stool.

I glued up this walnut perch stool today. It’s nice, I had fun jamming to the oldies today. Treepeople, Drive Like Jehu, Pretty In Pink soundtrack, Morrissey Viva Hate. I’ve been keeping tout cars in my shop since Mondays and Thursday afternoon, I take care of a two year old who also helps me sweep up. My shop is turning into a huge Joseph Cornell box. It’s cozy.











Gift ideas.

I’m making some stools, benches and maybe a rolling pin or two for the Gift Forest at the Bridge. Carving walnut is such a treat. Usually, they are tulip poplar which is soft to carve and we have lots. The one I’m making now will be nice. The bridge is a great place too. It’s a nice network of artisans and artists.



Passing the time

image imageSometimes I’ll see a hand plane or other tool with a nice hand carved flourish on it and I think,” who has the time for this?” But then I think about those times you’re just sitting around with some tools and nothing to do. Between projects, or say at a fair with no customers really and vendors are just chatting with one another. Yesterday, I basically carved on everything I could. Kidding, but I remembered the horse I carved on a friend’s chair and thought hey ag folks love horses and stuff. Maybe I’ll carve say a goat or a horse on this mallet. A goat or ram might have been more fitting since they butt their hard heads but then I figured horses are a big draw. Then I carved (or attempted) a dogwood blossom on the handle of the vise screw just for amusement. 

Tiny Roubo style work bench/coffee table.

So I had help starting a blog! Finally,I decided it made sense. DH, did it all for me thanks DH!
So I’ve been making things for the little ones in our community and as always, things need to have a dual purpose. Here is a miniature chair maker’s work bench which will also serve as a coffee table. I’d had the tap and die for threading wood for a bit with this idea but felt intimidated because the turned cylinder for the screw needs to be fairly accurate to work. I used the bench today to carve a horse’s head onto a mallet since I’m selling hammocks and my furniture at the Louisa County agricultural fair. The highlight was the bluegrass music performed by old timers with hearing aids, matching uniforms and informal banter amid the Flat and Scruggs stylings and skillful fingerpicking. That was a treat. I sat for a long day much of which was raining on my chairs through the tent.






Continuous arm high chair

It’s so nice to finish a project. This came out pretty nice. Of course lacking a pattern to follow, it took a while and has tiny things I’d like to change I won’t mention. One thing I value is a critical eye and always striving for a kind of perfection knowing it’s elusive. It’s comfy though and will suite it’s purpose I think well. I tried a new finish. Waterlox, which is maybe a mix of tung oil and something else maybe. I guess it’s low VOC. It’s pretty expensive though so I’m not sure. Someone loaned me a baby jar full of theirs. My teacher Peter Galbert has a pattern he said he’d let me copy once he moves down to Asheville. Hopefully starting a blog maybe next week. Starting the next project. A hall table I think.